Our Goal

To provide the best early
childhood education...

Our Experience

For over 24 years we have
been proudly taking care of

Our Aim

To enhance and develop the skills...

Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum

  • Art
  • Blocks
  • Computers
  • Discovery
  • Field Trips
  • Math and Science
  • Physical Fitness Instruction
  • Writing and Literature
  • and many more...

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PTQ Level 3
State License Ages 6 weeks to 12years old – Childcare with preschool. Part time preschool programs available.Great place to work. Accepting applications now. See our Careers page.

Welcome to the Child Enrichment Center!

We are proud to offer a "Loving and Learning" environment for your child.

Our goal is to provide the best early childhood education in a relaxed and loving atmosphere.

Our aim is to enhance and develop the skills and abilities of your child through play.

Each child is motivated and encouraged to work at his or her own pace. Attention is given to the needs and differences of the individual child enrolled.
The staff at Child Enrichment Center are professionals with a heart! They exhibit gentle, positive attitudes and are devoted to the development and education of your child.

We know that to gain respect you must give respect to both children and adults.

We look forward to helping develop the growth and understanding, the self-confidence and self esteem, and the learning process in your child.